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It is almost sure that the recent Malaysian airlines crashed over Ukraine has no direct or indirect link to Russia or east Ukrainian rebel groups.Today the USA has published some short of images as proof to indict Russia on shelling on Ukrainian border areas but till now the united states and it’s allies including present puppet Ukrainian authority have not been able to publish or present any solid evidence or images which can hold Russia responsible for that grave incident occurred on 16 th of july,2014 destroying lives of 298 people on board.

On contrary, Russia has presented solid satellite evidence which shows Ukrainian sukhoi jet on the sky during the time of crash. Nobody could dispute the evidence. But usa and it’s allies are/were banking on some phone tapping and social media posting which cannot be termed as conclusive, decisive or right in any sense. The western media houses have made significant anti-russian rhetoric and handed down judgment to accuse Russia as guilty according to their own govts’ line of arguments.

We need to know the most discussed Buk missile system is in possession of both the Russian and Ukrainian troops. Only trained personnel can use those missiles. So question of rebel using those missiles can easily be eliminated. Secondly massive American satellite surveillance system could not see anything (strange enough!) like this coming from Russian side while there is evidence that an usa satellite was present during the time of crash on the Ukrainian sky. Now there is only possible that the Ukrainian side has used that missile intentionally to discredit Russia with their own planning or with a plot from their foreign supporters. So USA is feeling uneasy and unable to publish any solid evidence as they are the vital player of the Ukrainian crisis.

There are several questions which are still unanswered in this regard. The Ukrainian defense industry is largely located in the country’s restive east.So getting access to weapons in those regions are neither impossible for the rebels nor the Ukrainian troops(as it has reportedly gained some area from rebels).Those who want to accuse Russia of supplying anti-aircraft missile to rebels should know this fact.

There were various speculations in western media world that Russia or the rebels could tamper the evidence but Black boxes were handed to the investigators. Russia has agreed for international investigation and also it did not block UNSC resolution regarding the incidence as Russia knows very well that it has nothing to hide.But it is unlikely that any investigation would be able to fix the responsibility on any side as the crashed materials alone cannot give evidence of the direction of missile firing though the writer of this article is no expert.

It is shameful to see the western free media is continuously vilifying Russia and accusing it on every account of the crash. Their journalism put a blind eye on the actions of Ukrainian sides and turned itself as anti-russian propaganda campaign.The voice of America and it’s allies are similar to the false accusations made by George w Bush before Iraq war claiming Iraq possessed chemical weapon!