Can Germany turn its back on USA? No, it can’t – English

Can Germany turn its back on USA? No, it can't – English




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American and western media houses are true friends of their respective govts and their foreign policy goals.It is hardly free but it works as an extended hand and tentacles of American and western govts to fulfill their potent imperialist agenda across the globe.

Be it in Iraq war,Kosovo war, Ukraine or Palestinian conflict it always represented the western or amrerican viewpoint though claiming themselves independent and free.

Israel’s crime,American crimes,western crimes in Afro-Asian region has hardly found any spaces in their coverage despite vilified propaganda campaign against those countries.

These media organizations have some particular pattern though everybody knows but we can put it in the following points—–

1)The sole problem of these ,media organizations lies on it’s firm,uninterrupted and blind viewpoint about the supremacy of west and united states.They oppose any kind of different viewpoint and ignore completely others’ perspective on particular or various incidents.

2)For them America should remain the sole superpower.if other emerges then they are portrayed as threat by them.It reflects in their news projection,editorials,op-edge,expert opinions.American unilateral economic and military expansionism and muscle flexing would never be questioned by them.

3)They donot tolerate media or information competition even from other parts of the world and continuously ridicule other news organizations who donot toe to their lines.
4)Their mindset clearly signals that the west and united states have every right to say on various issues across the globe(de-facto global policemen) but nobody has any right to question American and western action.

5)Their sole intention of news coverage lies in making people hear about only their opinion but not accepting other viewpoint and that makes them definitely monolithic which ignores diversity of regions,culture and political history of the respective regions.

6)The media organizations of west and united states hardly talks about reform in security council,IMF,World bank and over all global monetary policy and order.Their sole aim remains to keep American dollar supremacy by hook or by crook.

7)They continuously and relentlessly conducts character assassination of the world leaders whose world view are different from west or the powers/persons who wanted to stand up against western military or monetary dominance.

8)Their international community only resides in USA and it’s allies though the population of those countries fail to cover even 50% of global population.

9)Due to their massive resources in terms of money and manpower they can easily propagate the western/American stand point of particular incident and continue massive information warfare by their coverage against the countries who are to some extent hostile to west and united states.Also they have the opportunity to manipulate public opinions as major social networking sites are based in united states or western capitals.

10)The western and American media organizations also fulfill the agenda of big corporate groups (morally or immorally )which have much larger lobbying capacity in the corridor of powers.

11) They are enthusiastic about imposing sanctions against hostile countries,trial of hostile leaders in international court of justice taking moral high grounds.There are various past examples.Recent is their anti-russian propaganda campaign.They seek tougher western response,sanction against Russia due to it’s so called involvement in Ukraine.But they are almost silent about American war against iraq on false accusations,abuse at Guantanamo bays,CIA prisons across the globe,Afghanistan war or abuse in various prisons.They donot have the guts to seek sanction or prosecution against American or western officials.When recently three Israeli teenagers were found dead they covered it with utter attention but when Israel started Palestinians’ slaughtering they did not give proper coverage.

12)They believe in self proclaimed prophecy which determines their attitude as if they are appointed by God! The sole nature and characteristics of western journalism mainly revolves aroud the myth that west and united states could do no wrong,even if they commit any crime it should be ignored as collateral damage or unintentional activities(directly pointing out that even if usa and west commit any crime they have the right to do so)!

So we need to be cautious about the purpose,coverage and opinion of western and American media houses.It is neither humanitarian nor free or impartial. Rather it engages in vilifying information campaign to protect American and western interests.May be they engages with potential western intelligence agencies or appoint agents as journalists.This vicious circle and paradox of so called high standard(!?) western journalism will never come yto an end as long as we cannot enter into a new multi-polar world with other parallel opinions.

EXTRA NOTE——Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are traitors in the eye of American and western media,but if someone belongs to hostile states of USA and EU then their defection to USA and west would be seen, presented, considered as an act of heroism, freedom for democracy. The mainstream media of Europe and America did not give enough coverage tp occupy wall street movement, but they enthusiastically broadcasted various movements in other parts of the world where American and western interests exist be it the Arab Spring,Ukrainian Neo-Nazi right sector movement as will of people!The western media organizations who consider themselves as free,fair,independent(!) have not spoken much about killing,deportation,harassment of Russian journalist in Ukraine by Post coup and present authorities.If it is not the sign of double standard then what?

Flight MH17 is Trump Card in US’ Information War with Russia


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Flight MH17 is Trump Card in US’ Information War with Russia

by Ekaterina Blinova

Praising the ruthless military operation by Kiev against both armed rebels and unarmed civilians, American neocons have also been inciting Washington to launch wide-raging economic warfare against Russia in recent months.

Thus, unsurprisingly, when the Ukrainian government released information on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 catastrophe, the US media hastened to blame Russia for the tragedy, although no investigation had been carried out.

Immediately after the news of the tragedy had spread abroad, an unprecedented media attack on Russia began. Rod Dreher, a senior editor at The American Conservative, suddenly started threatening Russia, claiming: “If there is any Russian involvement in this crime – then Moscow must be made to pay a heavy price by the international community.”

In a pathetic manner he accentuated that if Russia had indeed supplied the Ukrainian rebels with missiles “then the blood of those innocents is on Putin’s hands.”
The New York Times described the event as if it had obtained compelling evidence of Russia’s guilt. It cited US intelligence and the Ukrainian officials, presenting an unverified recording that, as it said, could “prove” the rebels’ participation in downing the Malaysian plane.

Stressing that the aircraft was destroyed by a Russian SA-series missile, The New York Times did not clarify, however, that although such medium-range surface-to-air missile systems have been manufactured in Russia since Soviet times, both the Russian and Ukrainian armies possessed such weaponry. In this light, the media’s notion that “Mr. Putin did not specifically deny that a Russian-made weapon had felled the Malaysian jetliner” looked especially misleading and illogical. The New York Times was inclined to believe that either the Ukrainian rebels or Russian military forces conducted a fatal rocket launch, although “surveillance satellite data showed the final trajectory and impact of the missile but not its point of origin.”

International affairs journal National Interest was drawing gloomy historical parallels between the MH17 crash and the beginning of the World War I: “If the horrific downing of a Malaysian airplane over Ukraine was deliberate and carried out either from Russian territory or by separatists, then Russia and the West will move one step closer toward a confrontation that has unsettling echoes of August 1914.”

It cited US Senator John McCain who warned Russia of “profound repercussions”: “It would open the gates for us assisting, finally, giving the Ukrainians some defensive weapons [and] sanctions that would be imposed as a result of that,” noted the old hawk enthusiastically, “That would be the beginning.”
Interestingly enough, the media source did not even mention the possibility that the Ukrainian Army could as well be responsible for the catastrophe of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. The verdict made by Jacob Heilbrunn, National Interest’s editor, was that it was the rebels, backed by Russia’s government, who shot down the plane either “in order to exacerbate the confrontation with the West” or “by mistake.”

Those American political analysts and experts who bemoaned the US’ defeat in the information war with Russia several weeks ago, like Ilan Berman, who urged Washington to start large-scale information warfare against Moscow in “Wanted: A Real War Of Ideas With Russia,” got a unique opportunity to realize their most daring ideas, when the horrible tragedy occurred.

Was it ethical to use the deaths of hundreds to gain an advantage in the information war? The burden of moral responsibility is on those who unleashed the Russophobic campaign.

It should be noted that The Washington Times demonstrated the most balanced approach to the tragedy. In the article “Shot out of the sky: Jet downing stokes tensions between Ukraine, Russia,” Dave Boyer stressed that neither of so-called “intercepted rebels’ telephone conversations” presented by the Ukrainian intelligence had been verified as authentic. He added that the weapons the rebels were known to possess actually did not have the capacity to reach beyond 14,750 feet, while the Malaysia Airlines plane was flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet.

Dave Boyer quoted Igor Sutyagin, a research fellow in Russian studies at the Royal United Services Institute, who pointed out that both the Ukrainian and Russian militaries have SA-17 missile systems and denied the possibility “of the transfer of that type of system from Russia [to rebels].”
After a week of attacking Russia with groundless accusations, the US security service officials had to admit that they had not got proof of “direct Russian government involvement in shooting down” the Malaysia Airlines plane. Furthermore, the unnamed US officials suggested that the MH17 airplane could have been shot down in error, adding that they could not state definitively if it was Ukrainian insurgents who launched the missile.

Embarrassingly, while Russia’s Defense Ministry presented its radar and satellite data on July 21, describing the final moments of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 before the crash, US State Department’s spokeswoman Marie Harf was referring to YouTube videos and social media posts to prove the Ukrainian rebels’ involvement in the tragedy. Alas, all the “evidences,” Marie Harf pointed, collapse upon careful scrutiny.

However, the media’s anti-Russian smear campaign has borne its first fruit: the EU is discussing the next round of sanctions; tensions between Russia and the West have increased; leading US Democratic senators called on President Barack Obama to add the Ukrainian rebel group to a US foreign terrorist organizations blacklist.

Remarkably, the American Russophobic lobby achieved these impressive results before an independent international investigation into the plane crash even started. It should be noted that methods used by Western mass media are strikingly similar to those used by savage cannibal tribes: through endless repetition of some words, savages are persuade themselves of the necessity to devour their fellow tribesman.

In mid-July, James W. Carden, former advisor to the US State Department’s US-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission (2011-2012), pointed to the growing interventionist hysteria that swept neocons and their “counterparts” abroad. He calls them “the Wilsonians.” The global Wilsonians are beating the war drum, comparing 2014 with 1938 when the most “demonic” authoritarian regimes were on rise, Carden notes in his article “Will Global Wilsonians Take Us to War?”

“There is, I think it fair to say, very little with which to compare the world of 2014 with that of the 1930s, which brought us the demonic Nazi regime, a lunatic Communist one, and the untold misery of millions of people even prior to the opening shots of the World War II. Yet for the Global Wilsonians it’s always 1938,” Carden emphasizes.

Carden asks if those who bolster the Cold War between Russia and the West are interested in turning this confrontation “hot.”
It seems the former US adviser is right: it is obvious that the US mass media and its prominent politicians are cynically using a public tragedy to push the West towards dangerous confrontation with Russia.


Moral Terror: How Critics of Western MH17 Coverage Are Bullied Into Silence


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Moral Terror: How Critics of Western MH17 Coverage Are Bullied Into Silence

by Dmitry Babich

The hasty attempts by president Barak Obama, prime minister David Cameron and some of the leaders of the EU member countries to declare Russia guilty of the crash of the flight MH-17 (with anti-Poroshenko insurgents in Eastern Ukraine presented as mere “pawns of Kremlin”) was obvious. In fact, the verdict (with Obama making undocumented accusations and the American representative at the UN calling the insurgents “armed thugs” and “criminals”) was passed by the US and the UK not only before trial, but even before the evidence was collected. All the doubting voices (former US presidential candidate Ron Paul, journalists Robert Parry and Daniel McAdams, etc.) were subjected in the mainstream media of the West to scathing critique, which looks more and more like moral terror now.

The haste with which Obama put the “burden” (his own word) of proving its own innocence on Russia, adding that Russia has “urged on, trained and armed with military equipment and weapons” the people who, in Mr. Obama’s opinion, downed the plane could not avoid puzzling a lot of observers with elementary legal skills. In a civilized court, a suspect does not carry any “burdens”, the “burden” of proving the guilt of a suspect is on the accusing side. It is strange that lawyers Obama and Kerry do not understand it. Ron Paul in his article on the website of his institute simply asked that simple question – can’t Obama and Kerry wait with their verdicts until the investigation is concluded?

The response was the same as usual – moral terror. An article in America’s “The National Journal” was headlined “Ron Paul Is Putin’s New Best Friend.”

In another article, Ron Paul was called “mad” for parodying Obama’s stance on the disaster: “It had to be Russia, it had to be Putin!” The usual array of accusations was used: that Ron Paul is fond of conspiracy theories, that he wants to make political gains from his “friendship” with Putin, etc.
At a traditional weekly live discussion on the waves of the Voice of Russia radio station, Paul Craig Roberts from the Institute for Political Economy (USA) and
Marcus Papadopoulos, the editor of the Politics First magazine (UK) tried to make present a sort of “anatomy of moral terror” against the dissenting voices in the Western media. “When it comes to foreign policy, British media follows the line of the foreign office, and so does the American one with the line of the department of state,” says Marcus Popadopoulos. “The West prides itself on having free press. But take any recent major crisis around the world: Libya, Syria, Iraq – the British mainstream media followed the line of the British government. And it is not a coincidence. It is a demonstration that the media has become part of the policy-making mechanism in Britain.”

But why should the American and British governments want a speedy “guilty” verdict for Russia? The answer is simple – it wants power and influence via the new civil war-waging government in Kiev. This answer was given not only in Ron Paul’s other column “What Does the US Government Want in Ukraine?”

A world-known researcher of Russia’s history Stephen F. Cohen, a professor of several American universities noted “deafening silence” of US officials about the bombings of East Ukrainian cities by Ukraine’s own new government. What is especially interesting is that we don’t hear anything about these bombings, tank attacks and landmines – we DON’T hear anything from the same people in the US and the EU establishment, who were terrified by the use of live bullets in Kiev on the final day of the violent Maidan protests (the investigation into who actually used these bullets is still pending). For this, professor Cohen got his share of moral terror – he was called “Putin’s American toady” by some young Russo-American “intellectual” Julia Ioffe.

“These insults do not surprise me,” says Paul Craig Roberts on Voice of Russia’s Live Discussion Panel. “Since the last years of Clinton’s administration, American media is run by several big corporations. The owners of these corporations know that they can’t go against the government: if they don’t toe the line, they can be denied federal broadcast licenses. Meanwhile, reporters know that jobs in the US are now hard to come by, so they do what the managers tell them. And these managers are not even journalists. They are corporate advertising clerks, who don’t care about the truth as long as their position is secure. Hence the moral terror.”

Indeed, the almost indecent pause which followed the initial array of accusations against Russia when the black boxes were finally obtained – this pause leaves many questions unanswered. Who will bear the responsibility for the gross calumny, if the accusations of, say, British tabloids running headlines about “Putin’s missile” are not confirmed?

“This is not the first case,” Marcus Papadopoulos of Politics First cautions. “We all remember stories in the mainstream press about 500.000 Kosovo Albanians purportedly slaughtered by Serbs in 1999, about thousands of Libyans allegedly killed by Qaddafi’s forces in 2011, etc. None of these stories revealed itself to be true. But no one took the trouble to find and punish the initial liars. There is complete impunity in the Western propaganda machine called the free media.”




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It is almost sure that the recent Malaysian airlines crashed over Ukraine has no direct or indirect link to Russia or east Ukrainian rebel groups.Today the USA has published some short of images as proof to indict Russia on shelling on Ukrainian border areas but till now the united states and it’s allies including present puppet Ukrainian authority have not been able to publish or present any solid evidence or images which can hold Russia responsible for that grave incident occurred on 16 th of july,2014 destroying lives of 298 people on board.

On contrary, Russia has presented solid satellite evidence which shows Ukrainian sukhoi jet on the sky during the time of crash. Nobody could dispute the evidence. But usa and it’s allies are/were banking on some phone tapping and social media posting which cannot be termed as conclusive, decisive or right in any sense. The western media houses have made significant anti-russian rhetoric and handed down judgment to accuse Russia as guilty according to their own govts’ line of arguments.

We need to know the most discussed Buk missile system is in possession of both the Russian and Ukrainian troops. Only trained personnel can use those missiles. So question of rebel using those missiles can easily be eliminated. Secondly massive American satellite surveillance system could not see anything (strange enough!) like this coming from Russian side while there is evidence that an usa satellite was present during the time of crash on the Ukrainian sky. Now there is only possible that the Ukrainian side has used that missile intentionally to discredit Russia with their own planning or with a plot from their foreign supporters. So USA is feeling uneasy and unable to publish any solid evidence as they are the vital player of the Ukrainian crisis.

There are several questions which are still unanswered in this regard. The Ukrainian defense industry is largely located in the country’s restive east.So getting access to weapons in those regions are neither impossible for the rebels nor the Ukrainian troops(as it has reportedly gained some area from rebels).Those who want to accuse Russia of supplying anti-aircraft missile to rebels should know this fact.

There were various speculations in western media world that Russia or the rebels could tamper the evidence but Black boxes were handed to the investigators. Russia has agreed for international investigation and also it did not block UNSC resolution regarding the incidence as Russia knows very well that it has nothing to hide.But it is unlikely that any investigation would be able to fix the responsibility on any side as the crashed materials alone cannot give evidence of the direction of missile firing though the writer of this article is no expert.

It is shameful to see the western free media is continuously vilifying Russia and accusing it on every account of the crash. Their journalism put a blind eye on the actions of Ukrainian sides and turned itself as anti-russian propaganda campaign.The voice of America and it’s allies are similar to the false accusations made by George w Bush before Iraq war claiming Iraq possessed chemical weapon!