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American and western media houses are true friends of their respective govts and their foreign policy goals.It is hardly free but it works as an extended hand and tentacles of American and western govts to fulfill their potent imperialist agenda across the globe.

Be it in Iraq war,Kosovo war, Ukraine or Palestinian conflict it always represented the western or amrerican viewpoint though claiming themselves independent and free.

Israel’s crime,American crimes,western crimes in Afro-Asian region has hardly found any spaces in their coverage despite vilified propaganda campaign against those countries.

These media organizations have some particular pattern though everybody knows but we can put it in the following points—–

1)The sole problem of these ,media organizations lies on it’s firm,uninterrupted and blind viewpoint about the supremacy of west and united states.They oppose any kind of different viewpoint and ignore completely others’ perspective on particular or various incidents.

2)For them America should remain the sole superpower.if other emerges then they are portrayed as threat by them.It reflects in their news projection,editorials,op-edge,expert opinions.American unilateral economic and military expansionism and muscle flexing would never be questioned by them.

3)They donot tolerate media or information competition even from other parts of the world and continuously ridicule other news organizations who donot toe to their lines.
4)Their mindset clearly signals that the west and united states have every right to say on various issues across the globe(de-facto global policemen) but nobody has any right to question American and western action.

5)Their sole intention of news coverage lies in making people hear about only their opinion but not accepting other viewpoint and that makes them definitely monolithic which ignores diversity of regions,culture and political history of the respective regions.

6)The media organizations of west and united states hardly talks about reform in security council,IMF,World bank and over all global monetary policy and order.Their sole aim remains to keep American dollar supremacy by hook or by crook.

7)They continuously and relentlessly conducts character assassination of the world leaders whose world view are different from west or the powers/persons who wanted to stand up against western military or monetary dominance.

8)Their international community only resides in USA and it’s allies though the population of those countries fail to cover even 50% of global population.

9)Due to their massive resources in terms of money and manpower they can easily propagate the western/American stand point of particular incident and continue massive information warfare by their coverage against the countries who are to some extent hostile to west and united states.Also they have the opportunity to manipulate public opinions as major social networking sites are based in united states or western capitals.

10)The western and American media organizations also fulfill the agenda of big corporate groups (morally or immorally )which have much larger lobbying capacity in the corridor of powers.

11) They are enthusiastic about imposing sanctions against hostile countries,trial of hostile leaders in international court of justice taking moral high grounds.There are various past examples.Recent is their anti-russian propaganda campaign.They seek tougher western response,sanction against Russia due to it’s so called involvement in Ukraine.But they are almost silent about American war against iraq on false accusations,abuse at Guantanamo bays,CIA prisons across the globe,Afghanistan war or abuse in various prisons.They donot have the guts to seek sanction or prosecution against American or western officials.When recently three Israeli teenagers were found dead they covered it with utter attention but when Israel started Palestinians’ slaughtering they did not give proper coverage.

12)They believe in self proclaimed prophecy which determines their attitude as if they are appointed by God! The sole nature and characteristics of western journalism mainly revolves aroud the myth that west and united states could do no wrong,even if they commit any crime it should be ignored as collateral damage or unintentional activities(directly pointing out that even if usa and west commit any crime they have the right to do so)!

So we need to be cautious about the purpose,coverage and opinion of western and American media houses.It is neither humanitarian nor free or impartial. Rather it engages in vilifying information campaign to protect American and western interests.May be they engages with potential western intelligence agencies or appoint agents as journalists.This vicious circle and paradox of so called high standard(!?) western journalism will never come yto an end as long as we cannot enter into a new multi-polar world with other parallel opinions.

EXTRA NOTE——Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are traitors in the eye of American and western media,but if someone belongs to hostile states of USA and EU then their defection to USA and west would be seen, presented, considered as an act of heroism, freedom for democracy. The mainstream media of Europe and America did not give enough coverage tp occupy wall street movement, but they enthusiastically broadcasted various movements in other parts of the world where American and western interests exist be it the Arab Spring,Ukrainian Neo-Nazi right sector movement as will of people!The western media organizations who consider themselves as free,fair,independent(!) have not spoken much about killing,deportation,harassment of Russian journalist in Ukraine by Post coup and present authorities.If it is not the sign of double standard then what?